Oil and Gas History in Indonesia

Oil, gas history in Indonesia, one in 1871 first oil drilling business in Indonesia, conducted in Cirebon. Because the results slightly, then closed.
1883 Concession first two oil concessions handed over to the Sultan Langkat Aeilko J. Said Zijlker to lake area near the base Brandan.
1885 Production of the first three lake Said, which was then cultivated by the “Royal Dutch”
Formed in 1890 4 “Koninklijke” to seek oil in North Sumatra.
5 1892 Brandan refinery built in the base “Royal Dutch” starts running.
Balikpapan oil refinery in 1898 six starts.
7 Perlak oil field in 1899, a new concession of the “Koninklijke” yields.
Eight oil refineries in 1900 Plaju start working.
9 pipeline Perlak 1901 – Base Brandan completed.
10 1907 ‘Koninklijke’ and ‘Shell Transport and Trading Company’ combine to form the BPM.
11 1907 Royal Dutch hand-concession concession in Indonesia to BPM
Since the year 1911 was 12 BPM commercialize oil regions around Cepu. Small capacity oil installations built
Formed in 1912 13 NKPM a subsidiary of the “Standard Oil Company of New Jersey”, in 1948 the name became Stanvac NKPM
14 1916 Stanvac oil discovery in the area Gutters Root, Hall (South Sumatra).
15 BPM 1920 obtained a contract to commercialize jambi area, formed Niam, the capital 50/50 between the BPM with the Dutch East Indies. BPM is in the hands of management.
16 1923 Edinburgh Niam produce for the first time
17 1926 Stanvac oil refinery on the River Gerong completed, started production in the context of the overall production of Indonesia.
1931 18 ‘Standard Oil Company of California’ formed after World War II and its subsidiaries are named Caltex. Search for oil began to be intensified.
19 in 1935 from the pipeline to the BPM in Plaju jambi completed.

NNGPM a company consisting of shares of BPM (40%), Stanvac (40%) and the Far Pacific Investment Company (20%), began operations in West Irian
Concession 20 in 1936 called “Contract 5A” for the region of Central Sumatra provided to Caltex. (Including the Minas field).
21 1941 Aircraft war in Southeast Asia, the destruction and closure of oil wells.
22 1944 the Japanese occupation army is trying to rebuild the oil installations find Minas.
23 1945 the oil field around P. Brandan (ex concession BPM) delivered by the Japanese on behalf of the allies upon the people of Indonesia. The company was named PTMNRI.
24 1946/1947 Japanese retreat, since mid-1946 to August 1947 Stanvac oil fields controlled by PERMIRI.
25 1948 Stanvac again achieved the highest pre-war production levels.
26 1949 Caltex re-commercialize oil field in Central Sumatra. Concessions held by BPM Cepu PTMN returned to the BPM from the RTC, PTMN dissolved
27 1951 PTMRI recognized as legitimate by the government of Indonesia and was changed to PN Permigan.
28 in 1952 to start exporting oil from Caltex Minas field.
29 1954 The Government of Indonesia has appointed a coordinator for the Mining and Oil Sumut PTMNRI converted into TMSU
Beginning in 1957 30 October 1957 Army Chief of Staff (executive SOB) pointed KO. Dr. Ibnu Sutowo to form an oil company with the status of law. Dated December 10, 1957 P.T. PERMINA established, and approved by the Decree of the Minister of Justice of Republic of. J.A. 5/32/11 April 3, 1958.
31 June 1958 PT PERMINA exporting crude oil for the first time, and the second followed in August next. PT PERMINA entered into cooperation agreements with Japanese oil companies NOSODECO. Loans repaid back in the form of crude oil. PT PERMINA opened representative offices in Tokyo.
32 in 1959 to PN Permindo Niam. BPM / SHELL started the project in Borneo Tanjung
33 BPM in Indonesia in 1960 and liquidated instead formed SHELL INDONESIA PT. With the enactment of the Oil and Gas Law No. 44 of 1960, dated October 26, 1960, all oil concessions in Indonesia conducted by the State. Permindo started his own commercial organization in accordance with the nature of Semi Government companies, although the administration of commerce are regulated SHELL
34 1961 The Government of Indonesia to take over shares in Permindo SHELL. Permindo liquidated and formed PN abbreviated PERTAMIN Oil Indonesia. With PP. 198 The company was founded in 1961 the State with the National Oil PN name, abbreviation PN and PT PERMINA PERMINA merged into it.
35 1962 Indonesia became a member of OPEC
36 1964 The Government of Indonesia / PN PERMINA NNGPM take over all activities by buying the company.
37 1965 On December 31, 1965 the Government of Indonesia to buy SHELL INDONESIA PT at a price of U.S. $ 110 million. The units included in the organization’s ex SHELL PN PERMINA
38 in 1966 with the Decree of the Minister of Mines No.. 124/M/MIGAS dated March 24, 1966 PERMINA organization is divided into 5 units of Regional Production Operations with headquarters in Jakarta.
1967 Concept 39 Production Sharing Contract (PSC) was introduced.
40 Based on Government Regulation No. 1968. 27 of 1968 dated August 20, 1968 PN and PN PERTAMIN PERMINA merged into one company under the name PN State Oil and National Gas, abbreviation PN Pertamina


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